Invoice by Region


The Invoice by Region Report displays the cost of each cloud provider across geography for a chosen duration. The data is categorized based on the service used on the cloud. The value indicates the combined value of all regions. For private and container clouds, the value is displayed for each configured region.

This report is not available for Google cloud.


The following is a sample screenshot of the report that displays the following:

  • Total Cost – Display total cost for a cloud provider in a region. You can choose to view the cost of a cloud by choosing from the Select Cloud drop-down list.

  • Region – Display cloud per region and the cloud category, such as storage, network, computer, and so on.

The various shades of color in the report correlate to the categories for that cloud region.


You can filter the report using the following options:

  • Billing Units

  • Cloud Categories

  • Regions

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