RI Opportunities Report



The RI Opportunities Report provides information about the number of new RIs that must be purchased and the potential savings that can be achieved as a result of the purchase. This report contains the following:

  • Purchase report

  • Savings report

Purchase Report

This report appears as a header and provides an overview of the total RIs to be purchased, the total number of on-demand hours (across instance types), and potential savings.

Savings Report

This report presents the following data in a tabular format. You can filter this table using the Filter option.

  • Individual instance types to be purchased

  • Number of on-demand hours that the instance types are currently running

  • Recommended instances to be purchased

  • Type of RIs that can be purchased. This is a dropdown list. Depending on your selection, the savings and discount (in the Discounts field) vary.

The following table explains significant aspects of the Savings Report.


RI Opportunities

The opportunities present across the organization.

Excess On Demand Hours

Instance hours that ran at on-demand rates, not covered by RI subscription.

Potential Savings

Savings that can be achieved by moving to RI.

Average Monthly Excess On Demand Hours

Number of on-demand hours that were purchased each month for an instance.


Recommended instance type and payment method.


Discount that can be availed as of a date if the recommended RI is chosen.

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