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The Cost Reports page lists reports that help you analyze the data at a granular level. Cost is displayed in the currency and conversion rate as defined in Suite Admin (see Currency). Cost Optimizer classifies the data and displays them under the headings available in a drop-down menu in the Cost Reports page. Click Cost in the left tree pane to open the Cost Reports UI.

Cost Reports UI

The Cost Reports display graphical and textual views for cost data. You can view consolidated data for all clouds or billing units you can access or specify filter criteria to view specific data that you need. The following table explains the icons specific to Cost Reports UI. Few of these icons might be displayed for some reports only. See UI Behavior for details on icons in the UI.



Allows you to filter and view cost data for one or more of the following:

  • Billing units

  • Cloud families

  • Cloud groups

  • Regions

  • Invoice category


Downloads the report in a .csv format.

Date Range

Choose a range to display the report.


Toggles graphical report display between a bar chart and a pie chart.

Cost Reports displays the following:

  • Total cost – Graphical view of costs

  • Cost per cloud – Expandable textual view of costs


Use Filter for an in-depth analysis by further granularizing the data to understand accurate cost consumption. The Filter panel allows you to filter reports based on a set of options, thereby allowing you to drill down to the exact details that you require. 

The values for billing units, cost groups, and cost group types are autopopulated from the Cost Groups configuration and from the cloud configuration for cloud families, cloud groups, cloud regions, and Inventory for invoice categories, cloud categories, and subcategories.

The AWS Govcloud account is considered as an IAM Account on AWS master or member account. The cost for AWS Govcloud account is reported against the master or member account and the Govcloud is displayed as a region. Therefore, when a cloud is added for AWS Govcloud with a Govcloud user account, no invoice report data is populated.


The following reports are available in Cost Optimizer.

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