Rightsizing is the process of recommending the use of right instance type or right resources for an application to optimize cost for an organization. Typically, instances are overprovisioned for an application. Overprovisioning of resources results in resources, such as CPU, memory, and so on, being underutilized. In turn, underutilization leads to an increase in cost – you spend much more than what you should. 

If some instances are underprovisioned, the recommendation engine recommends upsizing of instances which might not result in cost savings, but improvement in application performance.

Recommendation Engine

The recommendation engine uses an algorithm based on CPU and memory and recommends the right set of actions (downsizing of instances) that results in significant cost reduction without affecting the application performance. This algorithm uses the default thresholds (for CPU and memory) to arrive at downsize or upsize recommendations.

The recommendation engine works as follows:

  • The algorithm matches the attributes ( CPU, memory, network and storage capabilities) of running a virtual machine and compares the attributes with operational metrics, such as CPU utilization to arrive at the rightsize for instance.

  • The algorithm is cost conscious and offers multiple candidate choices to resize the instance.

  • The threshold limitations can be set or modified in the Settings tab of the Admin Page.

  • The Resize action is handled by Workload Manager.

  • The recommendation engine analyzes both brownfield VMs (directly deployed on the cloud) and greenfield VMs (deployed from Workload Manager). Brownfield VMs must be imported before they can be resized via Workload Manager.

  • When suggesting resizing recommendations, an instance with RI opportunities is preferred for instances of the same type. This ensures maximum utilization of resources and minimum cost. 

Rightsizing Report

The Rightsizing report is divided into the following:

  • Average Instance Utilization

  • Recommendations

Average Instance Utilization

This report provides information about all running instances against the resize recommendations the Settings tab of the Admin Page.

  • Upsize – Indicates instances running above the maximum threshold limit and must be upsized.

  • Ideal Utilization – Instances running between the maximum and minimum threshold limits and for which no action is required.

  • Downsize – Instances running below the minimum threshold limit and must be downsized.


The Recommendations report provides detailed recommendations for all running VMs.

The following table explains the significant columns in the Recommendations report.

Column HeadingDescription


Refers to an instance type.

Low/High Utilization

Actual utilization numbers (in percent) for the instances observed for a specific time.

An instance is recommended for downsizing if the value in the High Utilization field is consistently lower (for a specific time) than the minimum threshold limit set the Settings tab of the Admin Page. The vice versa applies for upsizing an instance.

Current Size

Current instance type model on which the VM is running.

Resize Recommendation

Instance model type to which the VM can be resized from the above current size.


Select Resize to open Workload Manager to resize the instance.

How Resize Action Button Works?

The Resize button resizes an instance to recommended instance type. If not present, the instance must be imported into Workload Manager.

You resize the instance through the Actions Library tab in Workload Manager. See Actions Library > Advanced Platform Actions for additional details.

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