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Navigate to the Admin area to perform the following administrative tasks:

The availability of this area is subject to roles and permissions; it is visible to administrators only. For more information, see Access and Roles.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to define thresholds in Cost Optimizer. 

The following table explains the fields in the Settings tab.



Enable or disable rightsizing recommendations.

Recommendation Validity

Duration, in days, a recommendation is valid or visible in Cost Optimizer.

Max Recommendations

Desired number of alternate recommendations.

Max Threshold

Upsizing recommendation. If a CPU utilization crosses the threshold specified in this field, large instances are recommended.

Min Threshold

Downsizing recommendation. If a CPU utilization is below the threshold specified in this field, small instances are recommended.

Min Cost Savings

Minimum savings offered by recommended downsize alternatives. Instances that do not meet this criterion are not recommended.

Min Running Days

Duration, in days, an instance must be run for rightsizing analysis and recommendations.

Historical Collection Number of Days

Duration, in days, for which data (metrics, costs, etc.) must be collected.

RI Opportunities

Enable or disable reserved instances recommendations.

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