UI Behavior


The following table identifies the Cost Optimizer icons.



Perform action-oriented tasks on Cost Groups.

Add Cost Group

Add a Cost Group to a Cost Group Type.

Assigned Billing Units

Cloud accounts assigned to a resource.

Cost Group Type

Lists Cost Group Types (departments) set up in Cost Optimizer and adds Cost Group Type.

Date Range

Choose a range to display the report.


Downloads the report.

Dropdown list

Select resources from a list.

Visibility Control

Visibility of default values can be toggled using this control.


Filters information based on the selected category.

Module Navigation

Switch back and forth between the module dashboards.

Move Billing Units

Move multiple billing units to a resource.


Sorts the listed items based on the latest or longest time period for the selected resource.


Search resources based on specified text for the allowed resources.

Not all fields and resources are searchable.

Select All

Select all items displayed on the page by clicking the checkbox in the table header or by clicking the checkbox against each item.


  • The feature is disabled and configuration is unnecessary.
  • Enable the feature by turning it on and then inputting configuration values.

Toggle Chart

Toggles graphical report display between line chart and pie chart.

Unassigned Billing Units

Unassigned cloud accounts.

Canceling without Saving

During configuration, you can cancel any changes or additions to a screen by clicking the X at the top right corner of the screen. This action takes you back to the original page that launched the screen.

The following screenshot shows how to cancel when assigning share access.

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