Budget By Cloud


The Budget by Cloud report displays information about the clouds providers that have not spent the allocated budget as of date.


The following is a sample screenshot of the Budget by Cloud report. The report displays the total budget and budget for each cloud. The report also displays in different shades the budget allocated to each billing unit in the cloud.

The legend for the above screenshot is as follows:

  • Grey box – Total budget

  • Deep color (in the graph) – Actual spending until the day the report was generated.

  • Boxed color (in the graph) – Forecasted budget

The following table identifies various aspects of the report:




Displays the name. Click the arrow next to the Cloud Name to display the billing units in the cloud.

Spend to Date

Amount spent by the cloud or billing unit as of date in the fiscal year.


Based on the current spending, the amount that will be spent on the remaining fiscal year.

Total BudgetAllocated budget for the cloud in the fiscal year.
Remaining budget

Amount that would remain in the total budget at the end of the fiscal year, based on the current spending.

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