Budget Overspenders


The Budget Overspenders report displays information about all categories – clouds accounts, cost group types, departments – that have exceeded the allocated budget as of date and the forecasted spending at the end of the fiscal year.


The following is a sample screenshot of the Budget Overspenders report. 

The information in the following table applies to the summary displayed at the top of the report. 




Total number of items in the report that have exceeded the allocated budget.

Department/Cost Group Type

Number of departments or Cost Group Types that have exceeded the allocated budget.


Number of cloud accounts that have exceeded the allocated budget.

The following table identifies various aspects of the report:




Displays the cloud logo.

Cost Group/Cloud link

Displays the cloud, cost group type, or department name as a link. Click the link to open the budget report for the item. For instance, clicking on a cloud link opens the budget spending for the cloud.


Fiscal year of the budget and the category to which the fiscal year is applied, cloud account, cost group type, or department.

Spend to Date

Amount spent as of date in the fiscal year.


Based on the current spending, amount that will be spent for the remaining fiscal year.

Total Budget

Allocated budget for the category in the fiscal year.

Forecasted Difference

The difference amount for the fiscal year between the total budget and the forecasted spending amount.

Budget Utilization

Color-coded progress bar. The gray shaded box over the progress bar indicates the actual budget and the arrow indicates the budget utilization to date.

  • Green – Spend to date and forecasted spend is within the budget.

  • Orange – Spend to date is within budget but forecasted spend exceeds the budget.

  • Red – Spend to date and forecasted spend exceed the budget.

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