Budget Reports Overview


The Budget Page provides a snapshot of the budget allocations and spending in an organization.

Who Can Access the Page?

The Budget page is visible to all users who can access Cost Optimizer. However, information is displayed according to the access levels and is the home page for this root administrator. For example, the Cost Optimizer Admin (see Access and Roles) can view information across all cost groups, whereas a Cost Group Owner can view data specific to the cost group that the Cost Group Owner owns.

What's in the Budget Dashboard?

Information in the dashboard can be controlled through the widget below the header.

The Budgets Reports display graphical views for budget data. You can view data for all clouds or billing units you can access or specify filter criteria to view specific data that you need. The following table explains the icons specific to Budgets Reports UI. Some of these icons might be displayed for some reports only. See UI Behavior for details on icons in the UI.




Downloads the report in a .csv format.

Fiscal Year

Choose a fiscal year to display the report.


Allows you to send the report via email to recipients on the fixed date.

Budget Reports

This widget helps you to view the information in the form of following reports that includes total allocation, total spending, forecasted spending, etc.

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