Cost Optimizer Overview


Cost Optimizer is a comprehensive cloud cost management and optimization solution that analyzes cloud-deployed workloads and consumption patterns and identifies cost-optimization strategies. The Cost Optimizer solution helps you to rightsize your cloud workload instances, minimize overprovisioning, and avoid paying for resources that do not deliver business value.


Throughout this document, you will refer to the following terms:


Cost Group Type

Maps to the various functions in an organization, for example, Development, HR, IT, and so on.

Cost Groups

Hierarchical structure to define your organization and distribute billing units.

Cloud Account

Credentials for logging in to a cloud provider.

Billing Units

Different entities depending on the cloud. These entities are account IDs in Amazon cloud, Project IDs in Google cloud, Subscription ID in AzureRM cloud, Datacenter name (prefixed with the cloud group) in vCenter clouds, Project ID in OpenStack cloud, and Namespace UID in Kubernetes cloud.


Ability to allocate or reserve amounts per cloud or cost group type.


Key-value pairs associated with resources in a cloud.


The new features in Cost Optimizer 5.2.0 are:

  • Perform recommended actions, such as, terminate, stop, or suspend multiple instances in a go.

  • Implement your cloud in CloudCenter Suite.

  • Create reports between your chosen dates.

  • Review and update historical prices for instances and storage types in private clouds. 

  • Enable resizing recommendations for VMware vCenter.

  • Enhanced dashboard that displays cost and savings that can be achieved through recommendations.


For setting up the Cost Optimizer infrastructure, see Suite Install 5.2.0 Home > Installation ApproachPrepare Infrastructure.

Module Update Considerations

When updating the Cost Optimizer module, be aware that the update occurs for several minutes. During that time there may be a loss of connectivity between the CloudCenter Suite and individual cloud regions even after the Suite Admin UI indicates that the update has completed. Therefore, it is encouraged to keep this potential loss of connectivity in mind before applying updates.

Logging In to Cost Optimizer

In Suite Admin Dashboard, click the Cost Optimizer card to open Cost Optimizer.

  1. Enter the following:

    • Email 

    • Password

    • Tenant ID of your organization

  2. Click Login.

Cost Optimizer opens in the Cost Optimizer Dashboard page. 

To log out, click the Welcome <username> text in the top-right corner and choose Log Out.

Related Information

See the following sections for detailed information about the Cost Optimizer features:

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