Cost by Category


The Cost by Category report displays cost by service categories for one or more cloud groups. Service costs for cloud groups are displayed in this report. There are two types of categories in Cost Optimizer:

  • Invoice – Examples: Storage, Network, Compute, etc.

  • Cloud Provider-specific – Examples: Categories, such as App Engine, Route 53, Cloudwatch, and subcategories, such as Data Transfer In or Out, Number of Requests, EBS Volume Usage.


The following is a sample screenshot that displays:

  • Total Cost – Display the total cost and distribution of various categories across cloud providers.

  • Category per Cloud Provider – Display category which can be expanded to reveal costs incurred by a cloud provider for each category and subcategory.

    Other refers to cloud categories that are not classified in Cost Optimizer.


You can filter the report using the following options:

  • Billing Units

  • Cloud Categories (example, App Engine, Route 53, EC2)

  • Cloud Subcategories (example, Data Transfer In or Out, EBS Volume)

  • Cost Groups

  • Cost Group Types

  • Invoice Types (for example, Service, Network, Storage)

  • Tags

  • No labels
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