Cost by Cost Group Type (Department)


The Cost by Cost Group Type report displays the cost incurred for a specific cost group type (see Cost Groups Configuration). Click the arrow and choose the cost group type to view the report for each cost group type.


The following is a sample screenshot of the Cost by Cost Group Type report that contains the following reports:

  • Total Cost – Displays total cost across cost groups and billing units in the cost group type. You can toggle the display between cost groups and billing units associated with the cost group type. Click the number against the Inventory types (Virtual MachinesStorage Volumes, Services (load balancers and databases)) to open the respective pages.

  • Group – Displays a textual view of the costs per cost group which can be expanded to reveal the cost per billing unit.


You can filter the report using the following options:

  • Billing Units

  • Clouds

  • Cost Groups

  • Regions

  • Tags

  • No labels
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