Cost by Tags in a Cloud Group


The Cost by Tags report displays the cost for one or more tags, for which cost is enabled in Tag-Based Cost Reporting page. See: How Do I... > Associate a Tag.

This report is available for AWS and Azure cloud accounts only.


The following is a sample screenshot of the Cost By Tags reportThe report displays the total cost, the cost per cloud account, and the cost per tag. The report displays the total cost of all tags associated with a cloud account and the cost incurred by the tag for that cloud account. The report also displays in different shades the cost per each tag in the cloud. Click the arrow next to the cloud account to display the tags and the costs associated with the tags in the cloud account.


You can filter the report using the following options:

  • Billing Units

  • Clouds

  • Cost Groups

  • Cost Group Types

  • Regions

  • Tags

  • No labels
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