Invoice by Category


The Invoice by Category Report displays the cost of each cloud group for the various categories, such as Storage, Network, Compute, and so on for a chosen duration. The report classifies the data to the lowest unit that can be billed. 


The following is a sample screenshot of the report that displays the following:

  • Total Cost – Display the total cost and distribution of various categories across cloud providers. You can choose to view the invoice category for a cloud by choosing the appropriate option from the Select Cloud dropdown list.

  • Category – Display category which can be expanded to display each category and subcategory.

Expenses incurred by customers are categorized by the cloud provider into cloud categories and cloud subcategories. These expenses are retrieved every day and displayed in this report. Cloud providers refer to the cloud categories and cloud subcategories by using different labels, such as services, usage types, etc.

To offer a high-level view of these expenses (invoice costs), Cost Optimizer classifies the expenses into buckets or derived categories when the expenses are retrieved. Cost Optimizer uses classifiers to categorize expenses into the most appropriate bucket from the cloud category and cloud subcategory. When you use a new service offered by a cloud provider, the cost incurred for this new service is displayed on the report. If the existing classifiers are not matched with the new cloud category or subcategory in an appropriate bucket, the cost incurred for the new service is added in the Other bucket.


You can filter the report using the following options:

  • Billing Units

  • Cloud Categories

  • Cloud Subcategories

  • Cost Groups

  • Cost Group Types

  • Invoice Categories

  • Tags

The filter panel changes according to the cloud chosen in the Select Cloud dropdown list. For example, if you choose GCP from the list, the filter includes Cost Groups Types and Cost Groups, in addition to the above options.

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