Storage Volumes


storage volume is a virtual disk that provides persistent block storage space for instances. You can use storage volumes to store data and applications.

The following table identifies various aspects in the Storage Volumes page:

IdentityScreenshot and Description

Total number of available storage spaces.


Total number of running (billed) storage without any time restriction.


Color-coded status that identifies the Storage Volume state. The status could be one of the following:

  • Available

  • In Use

See Inventory States for a complete list and additional details.

Storage Volume link

Displays the storage name as a link. Click the link to view additional information. For each volume, the following is displayed.

  • Storage Name
  • Cloud Region
  • Cloud Account
  • Volume ID
  • Storage space and type, for example, PD-standard, Standard Persistent Disk

Hours or minutes, the storage is in the specified state.


Cost calculated on on-demand prices.


You can filter the items based on the following:

  • Clouds

  • Cloud Region

  • Status

  • Billing Unit

  • Tags

  • Location

  • Department

  • Project

Details Page

Click the storage name link to open the Storage Details page. The following is a sample screenshot of the Storage Details page. 

This table identifies significant aspects of the Details Tab.



Current Size

Potential savings when the recommendation is implemented.

Volume Details


ID assigned by a cloud provider.


Billing unit that owns the VM.

Storage Details


Size of volume in GB.


Types of storage volume, varies for each cloud, for example, General Purpose, Provisioned IOPS, Throughput Optimized.

IOPS Read Limit

Maximum IO (input or output) read operations per second.

IOPS Write Limit

Maximum IO (input or output) write operations per second.

Throughput Read Limit

Maximum data transfer rate in mebibyte (MiB) per second for read operation.

Throughput Write Limit

Maximum data transfer rate in mebibyte (MiB) per second for write operation.

Source Image Snapshot ID

Snapshot from which the volume was created.

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