Tag-Based Cost Reporting


Tags are key-value pairs associated with cloud resources on a cloud provider. The key is mandatory and value is optional. Tags can be user-defined or system-defined. Similar to billing units, tags are also used for cost breakdown at a deeper granular level. Use the Tag-Based Cost report to enable cost reporting for tags in the associated cloud accounts. Tag-based cost reporting is disabled by default.

Tag-based cost reporting is available for AWS and Azure clouds only. You can share tag-based cost groups. When tag-based cost reports are shared, the sharing results in displaying additional cost, inventory, and recommendations for the resources associated with the cost groups.

The tags are fetched automatically through the Tag Sync background process that runs every day at 01:00 hours GMT. See Data Collection.

Enable Cost Reporting

You may incur an expense on your billing account (for example, on AWS the expenses are recorded as Cost Explorer expenses) when tag-based cost reporting is enabled. By enabling this feature and by enabling the tags. To enable tag-based cost reporting, do the following:

  • Set the toggle to ON the button at the top of the page.

  • Enable individual tags (pertaining to AWS and Azure clouds) to fetch the invoices. 

When tag-based cost reporting is toggled ON (at the top of the page), you would notice that individual Azure tags are OFF by default, whereas few individual AWS tags are enabled by default. The AWS tags that are On by default are the incurring costs tags. To enable tag-based cost reporting for Azure tags, you must set the toggle to ON in the Cost Reporting column against the tag for which you want to display the cost. Additionally, you can set the toggle to ON for AWS tags, as appropriate.

If the individual tags are not toggled to ON, no invoices are fetched. Invoices are collected through the Metrics Collector background process (see Data Collection) 5 minutes after the individual tags are enabled. Invoices are fetched for tags that are enabled in the 5-minute window. If tags are enabled after 5 minutes, the invoices for these tags will be in the next invoice collection schedule. However, it is recommended that you enable AWS tags 24 hours in advance.

Individual tags are listed in the Unassigned Tags list for association with a cost group. See How Do I... > Associate a Tag for additional context.

The following table identifies various aspects of the page.




Number of tags the Tag Sync background process fetched from the cloud provider.


Number of tags that have been enabled for cost reporting.


Filter tags on cloud providers.


Search for tags from the list.


Tag name.


Cloud provider that the tag belongs to.

Cost Group Type

Cost group type the tag is assigned to. See: How Do I... > Associate a Tag.

Cost Reporting

Toggle this option does the following:

  • Display tags in the Unassigned Tags area in the Cost Groups page (see Cost Groups Configuration). These tags can be associated with a cost group.

  • Display the cost report for this tag in the Cost by Tags in a Cloud Group report.

  • Lists the tag in the various filtering panel in Cost Optimizer.

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