CCM_SA_SECONDARY – Run Appliance Install  

To run the appliance install for the CCM_SA_SECONDARY, follow this procedure.

  1. SSH into the VM instance using the key pair that you used to launch the VM.

  2. Change to the /tmp directory and modify the ccm-response.xml file as follows:

    Response File EntryValueNotes
    <entry key="db _enable" value="true "/> Change the value to false.

    In the HA setup, the appliance installer on the secondary instance should not update the database.

    <entry key="db_host" value="default"/>

    The db_host IP address depends on the database set up for the CCM.

    1. Standalone DB:  Use the instance IP address.

    2. HA DB: Use the VIP address

  3. Run the appliance installer to setup the CCM.

    java -jar ccm-installer.jar ccm-response.xml
  4. Reboot the CCM VM.
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