Azure AKS Installation

Azure Nuances

Verify the following Azure nuances:

Installation Process

To install the CloudCenter Suite on a new Azure AKS cluster, perform the following procedure.

  1. Verify that you have prepared your environment as listed in the Azure Nuances section above.
  2. Navigate to the Suite Installer Dashboard.
  3. Click New Kubernetes Cluster.
  4. Select Azure Kubernetes Service.
  5. To connect using Azure Kubernetes Service cloud credentials, enter the following details, and click Connect.

    AKS TENANT IDThe AKS account tenant ID.
    AKS CLIENT IDThe AKS account client ID.
    AKS CLIENT SECRETThe AKS account client secret.
    AKS SUBSCRIPTION IDThe AKS subscription ID.

    Refer to to learn about how to setup service principles with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and use the credentials to populate the above fields. 

  6. Once the connection is validated, click Next.
  7. To specify the placement properties, enter the following details.

    AKS Placement PropertyDescription
    Resource GroupThe AKS resource group to launch the cluster
    VM SizeThe VM size of the cluster node
    AKS Cluster ID Prefix
    • The prefix must begin with a lowercase letter.

    • The entire name that you enter for this cluster must not be longer than 12 characters.

    • Only letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed in this field.

  8. Click InstallThe installation progress is visible on screen. 
  9. Once successful, you see the following message.
  10. You have the following options at this point:

    1. Click Take Me To Suite Admin to launch and set up the Suite Admin.

    2. Click Install Another Cluster to start another installation and go back to the homepage (Installer Dashboard).

    3. Download Kubeconfig file to connect to the launched cluster using the kubectl tool.

  11. Be sure to switch off the installer VM. You can reuse this VM for any other purpose, for example, as an Offline Repository.
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