GCP Appliance Setup


Setting up the GCP appliance, is a multi-step process:

  • Address the prerequisite permissions
  • Create a storage bucket using the tar.gz file provided by Cisco
  • Create the image
  • Create the instance

Cloud Storage Bucket

To upload Cisco's tar.gz file to the GCP bucket, follow this process.

  1. Open the Cloud Storage browser in the Google Cloud Platform Console as displayed in the following screenshot.
  2. Click Create bucket and complete the required information for your environment. The following screenshot provides a sample setup.
  3. Upload the the tar.gz file provided by Cisco by dragging and dropping the file to the main pane as visible in the following screenshot or by clicking Upload.

    Uploading the file might take some time based on your network speed.

  4. After the upload is complete, use the same bucket to create the image as described in the next section.

Create the Image

To create an image, follow this process.

  1. Login to Google Cloud Platform.

  2. Create a Service Account with the following permissions:

    1. Kubernetes Engine (Admin)
    2. Compute Engine (Admin)
    3. Service Account (User)
  3. Select Compute Engine.

  4. Click on Images.

  5. Click on Create Image.

  6. Provide a Name for the new instance, select Cloud Storage File as the Source, browse and select the image file from the cloud storage bucket (uploaded in Step 2 above) for your environment and click Create.
  7. Select the bucket where you uploaded the Cisco provided tar.gz file.

Create the Instance

  1. Navigate to the GCP > Compute Engine > VM Instances section and click Create Instance.
  2. Select appropriate values for the new instance and click Create.

    • Check the button to Allow HTTP or HTTPS access
    • Change ports should list 443, 5671

  3. Once the instance is created use the assigned public IP for this instance to access the suite installer UI.

You have now setup the installer for an GCP cloud.

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