Installer Overview


The CloudCenter Suite provides a new way to install, configure, and maintain multiple modules that jointly make up the suite. The CloudCenter Suite has a common installer to install, upgrade, and integrate all modules included in the suite.

You can install the CloudCenter Suite by using installer appliance images provided by Cisco. As part of the installation process, the CloudCenter Suite installs the Suite Admin. Once authenticated, each user can access the Suite Admin using valid credentials created by the Suite Administrator.

Installers are already incorporated in the CloudCenter Suite SaaS offer, see SaaS Information for additional details.

Supported Clouds

Cisco supports the corresponding Kubernetes engine (or managed services) for the following public clouds for the CloudCenter Suite:

Cisco supports the following private clouds for the CloudCenter Suite:

Installer Appliance Download Location

Major releases include installer appliances for the following components and cloud providers. 

You can download these files from

The Virtual Appliance Overview section provides more details on these files.

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