Amazon Appliance Setup

To setup infrastructure for Amazon, follow this process.

  1. Request image sharing for the AWS account by opening a CloudCenter Support case. In your request, specify the following details:

    1. Your AWS account number

    2. Your CloudCenter Suite version

    3. Your Customer ID (CID)

    4. Your customer name

    5. Specify if your setup is in production or for a POC

    6. Your Contact Email

  2. After you open a case, your support case is updated with the share AMI IDs. Proceed to the next step only after your support case is updated with the AMI IDs.

  3. Navigate to the EC2 dashboard and search for the AMI ID name provided in the CloudCenter Support case (from Step 2 above)

  4. Launch the EC2 instance using the AMI. 

    1. Navigate to the EC2 dashboard (the following screenshot displays a sample EC2 dashboard).

    2. Create EC2 instance in desired Region, VPC, subnet.

      1. Choose an Instance Type.

      2. Configure the instance details for your environment.

      3. Review the instance launch details.

      4. Select an existing key-pair or create a new pair as required.

      5. Create a security group with Ports 443, 80 (and optionally, 22) to be open.
      6. Launch the instance with the security group and key pair created in the previous two steps.
      7. Access the installer using the IP of the launched instance via HTTPS from your favorite browser.

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