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The Suite Admin Dashboard lists the available modules in the Display pane. If you are installing each module for the first time, you will see the Install button enabled. Once installed, each module may be in various lifecycle phases as described in this section.

Module lifecycle management is already incorporated in the CloudCenter Suite SaaS offer, see SaaS Access for additional details.


Be sure to adhere to the following requirements:

  • If your current cluster does not have sufficient resources to meet the minimum requirements mentioned in the Prepare Infrastructure section, then the installation process will be blocked and you will need to resolve these issues by scaling up to these requirements (see Manage Clusters > Scale Up for details).

  • Only a suite administrator can install a module. By installing the module, this suite administrator automatically inherits the module admin role as well. 

  • Be sure to synchronize the server time for all instances running the CloudCenter Suite as this can potentially cause module install or upgrade to fail.


You can install multiple modules simultaneously. 

To install a module, follow this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard.

  2. Click Install on the required module. This procedure uses the Cost Optimizer as an example. The following screenshot displays the available modules.

  3. In the You're updating module name popup, select the required version from the dropdown list. 

    Once installed, you cannot revert to a previous version.

  4. The module starts its installation process and displays a progress bar indicator.

  5. Once Installed, you can perform the following actions:

    • Click a module to Monitor Modules.

    • Open the module or uninstall the module (see the section below).

    • Navigate back and forth to other modules and the Suite Admin using the navigation icon in the header as displayed in the following screenshot.

You have now installed one of the modules in the CloudCenter Suite.

Free License

When you install any module, you see the countdown for the 90-day free license time remaining for the license in the top left portion of the module. See Configure Smart Licenses for details.

Module Actions

Once installed, the suite administrator can perform the following actions on a module:

The Suite Admin module allows the additional actions displayed in the following screenshot:

  • Download SSH Key (used to connect to the cluster).

  • Download KubeConfig file (used to view cluster information).

  • See Cluster Status for additional context.

Uninstall a Module

After you uninstall any module, verify that all dependent resources have been deleted.

Before re-installing a module that was previously installed, verify that the volumes, secrets, and other dependent details have been cleaned up.

To uninstall a module, follow this procedure.

  1. Click the module's dropdown and select Uninstall as displayed in the following screenshot.

  2. Confirm your intention to uninstall as all your content will be deleted as displayed in the following screenshot.

  3. The module starts its uninstallation process. Uninstallation takes a few minutes as the CloudCenter Suite cleans up all aspects of the installation.

Module States

The following table provides details on the various module states.

State and ScreenshotDescription

New Installation

A new module is available for installation in the Suite Admin Dashboard.

Installing (or updating)

The module is being installed/updated and the installation process displays a progress bar indicator.


This screenshot identifies a module that is installed, registered, and licensed. See Configure Smart Licenses for details.

Update Available

Once a new software version becomes available, the module displays the new version availability and provides a link to the documentation website. See Update Module for details.

The release notes link for the available release is directly linked to the release notes for each module.

The dropdown list also provides additional options for each module


When alerts are generated, they are displayed in the Suite Admin Dashboard (dropdown list for this module) > View Module Details > Alerts tab.

The number of alerts are also identified in the corresponding module tile that are displayed in the Suite Admin Dashboard (the screenshot identifies that 3 Warning alerts are available for this module)

See Monitor Modules for details.

Validation Error

The module installation resulted in an error. See Troubleshoot Suite Admin for additional details.

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