OpenStack Appliance Setup

To setup infrastructure for OpenStack clouds, follow this process.

The exact VM size really depends on the instance type configuration in your environment! See Prepare Infrastructure > Resource Requirements for CloudCenter Suite Modules for additional details.

  1. Download the CloudCenter Suite QCOW2 file to your local machine.

  2. Login into your OpenStack datacenter to perform this task.

    1. Click Images.

    2. Click the Create Image button.

    3. Enter a valid name.

    4. Click the File Browse button.

    5. Select the QCOW2 file stored in your local machine as displayed in the following screenshot.

  3. In the Format dropdown, select QCOW2.

  4. To share this image with other users, select Public in the Image Sharing Visibility field.

  5. Click Next and then click the Create Image button as displayed in the following screenshot.

    The image import will take some time depending on the network speed. During this time, do not close the browser/application/tab.

  6. Create the instance for each component using the imported images:

    • Follow the standard OpenStack procedure to create the instance from an image. 

    • Create the security group(s) with Port 80 and 443 (optionally 22 if you need SSH access) open for Ingress and Outbound communication.

    • You may need to assign floating IP to your VM after you create the VM is created.

  7. Select a new or existing key pair to log into each instance – if multiple key pairs are available, you must select one to be used for the CloudCenter instance as displayed in the following screenshot.

    If you do not select a key pair, you will not be able to log into the component VM!

You have now setup the installer for an OpenStack cloud.

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