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The CloudCenter Suite is Cisco's hybrid cloud deployment platform. This platform takes a unique approach to install, configure, and maintain hybrid cloud environments that are often encountered by Information Technology (IT) departments to adopt business agility and improve time-to-market solutions within an enterprise. As a cloud-based organization, your enterprise can choose from multiple cloud (multicloudproviders depending on your location, policies, permissions, security requirements, and governance regulations for both traditional and modern IT requirements.

The CloudCenter Suite provides a solution that is cloud agnostic, works with diverse workloads, provides cross-domain orchestration, supports cost-optimization, and integrates easily in an agile world.

The Suite Architecture

The CloudCenter Suite is made up of the following components:

  • Suite Installer – Installs the Suite Admin. See Suite Installer for additional details.

  • Suite Admin – Installs and launches a suite of modules. See The Suite Admin section below for additional details.

  • Modules – The Workload Manager, the Cost Optimizer, and the Action Orchestrator. See The Modules section below for additional details.

  • Core Runtime Platform and Kubernetes Infrastructure – A Kubernetes-based platform that allows you to launch each module on a new or existing Kubernetes cluster.

The following image displays the Suite Admin architecture.

Port Requirements

The following image identifies the ports that must be open for the CloudCenter Suite to function as designed.

The Suite Admin

When you download and install the Suite Installer, the Suite Admin is already installed! You have the option to use the Suite Admin UI to perform the following tasks:

  • Install additional, available modules based on the list available in the Dashboard.

  • Upgrade the Suite Admin or other installed modules when a new version becomes available. 

The Modules

The Suite Admin facilitates the installation of the following modules:

  • Workload Manager:

    • This module allows IT organizations to provide management for clouds (public/private/container), applications, VMs/pods, governance policies with centralized visibility and permission control for enterprise environments.

    • See Workload Manager for additional details.

  • Action Orchestrator:

    • This module allows IT organizations to use cross-domain orchestration to automate a process that has multiple, complex steps with a specific order and implemented across different technical domains. 

    • See Action Orchestrator for additional details.

  • Cost Optimizer:

    • This module allows IT organizations to use cost optimization in a pay-per-use environment to avoid consumption that does not add value. 

    • See Cost Optimizer for additional details.

Each module in the CloudCenter Suite is independent and allows access to additional gateways or endpoints so you can add on module-specific components on supported clouds.  

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