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The suite administrator can only upgrade the module to later versions of the software and will not be able to revert to an earlier version of the software.

Module lifecycle management is already incorporated in the CloudCenter Suite SaaS offer, see SaaS Access for additional details.


Before updating a module, see the following module considerations:


Only a suite administrator can update a module. 

Once a new software version becomes available, the module displays the new version availability and provides a link to the documentation website.


  • Before updating any module, verify that you have un-allocated CPU/Memory in your cluster to ensure that your environment has free CPU/Memory – a module-update scenario requires additional resources for the old pod to continue running until the new pod initializes and takes over. This additional resource requirement is temporary and only required while a module update is in Progress. After the module is updated, the additional resources are no longer needed.

  • You must update the Suite Admin module before you update any other CloudCenter Suite module. 

  • Update only one module at at time. If you simultaneously update more than one module, your update process may fail due to limited resource availability. See Prepare Infrastructure for additional context.

  • You may see one or more error messages during the update process. Be aware that these messages will not affect the update itself.

To update a module, follow this process.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard.

  2. Select the required version and click Done to upgrade this module. The following screenshot displays Cost Optimizeras an example. All available releases are displayed in the dropdown list in descending order with the latest version at the start of the list.

  3. The module starts its upgrade process and displays a progress bar indicator.

  4. Once Installed, you can click the module to access the details of that module


    Navigate to other modules using the module navigation icon in the header as displayed in the following screenshot.

You have now updated the modules in the CloudCenter Suite.

Configuring Memory Limits for Modules

In some Cloud Center Suite 5.x environments it may be necessary to increase CPU and memory limits for the common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt pod prior to upgrade of any CloudCenter Suite module. The instructions below explain how to configure the new limits.

  1. From the Suite Admin Dashboard download the KubeConfig file for your CloudCenter Suite deployment. Save to your local machine.

  2. Create a file named ccs-upgrade.yaml with the following content. Save to your local machine.

    apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
    kind: Deployment
      name: common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt
            app: suite-prod-mgmt
            release: common-framework
              name: suite-prod-mgmt
                  cpu: 200m
                  memory: 256Mi
                  cpu: 200m
                  memory: 256Mi
  3. Verify if kubectl is installed and has connectivity to the CloudCenter Suite deployment by executing the following command to list all pods.

    kubectl get pods -n cisco --kubeconfig=<PATH_TO_KUBECONFIG>
  4. Now apply the new CPU and memory limits defined in the yaml file created in Step 2. 

    kubectl apply -f ccs-upgrade.yaml -n cisco --kubeconfig=<PATH_TO_KUBECONFIG>

    The output from the command will be:

    deployment.extensions/common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt configured
  5. Optionally, execute the command to verify that the CPU and memory limits have been configured.

     get deployment common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt -n cisco 
    --kubeconfig=<PATH_TO_KUBECONFIG> -o yaml --export > 
  6. Open the file common-framework-suite-prod-mgmt-deployment.yaml and verify the values have been changed to:

        	cpu: 200m
            memory: 256Mi
            cpu: 200m
            memory: 256Mi

Module Actions

Once a module is upgraded, the suite administrator can perform the following actions on a module:

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