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Exclude these special characters for Windows passwordWhen the Workload Manager agent is installed on a Windows worker VM, a special user account, called cliqruser, is created to support RDP sessions that may be initiated by the user through the Workload Manager UI. A Workload Manager process running on the CloudCenter Suite cluster creates a random password and passes it to the agent for creating the cliqruser account. Because some Windows deployments may restrict using certain characters for Windows passwords, this field is provided to tell the Workload Manager to exclude these special characters in the generation of the password for the cliqruser account.
Agent Bundle URL

If you plan to use a local repository to host the bundle store, you need to enter the URL of the local bundle store here. Otherwise leave blank.

Agent Custom RepositoryIf you plan to use a local repository to host the package store, you need to enter the URL of the local package store here. Otherwise leave blank.
HTTP/HTTPS proxy fields (host, username, password)

If you require VMs in your region to access public addresses through a web proxy, enter the URL and credentials of the HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers in these fields.

No Proxy HostsIf you have specified an HTTP or HTTP proxy using the above fields, you can specify that managed VMs in the region should bypass the proxy and connect directly to certain hosts. Use this field to create a comma separated list of IP addresses or URLs that should be accessed directly. This field is ignored if an HTTP or HTTPS proxy is not specified.

Important information on proxy settings

In CloudCenter Suite it is possible to specify proxy settings at the region level, as described here, and at the suite level. To understand the expected behavior when proxy settings are specified at both levels, see Precedence of Proxy Settings.

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