Launch the Cloud Remote appliance from the OVA you downloaded as follows:

  1. Login to the vCenter console using the vSphere web client with Flash, or with the vSphere Windows client. Do not use the HTML5 web client.
  2. Navigate to the folder or resource pool where you want to deploy the OVA. Right click on that resource pool or folder and select Deploy OVF Template.
  3. From the Deploy OVF Template dialog box, for Source, select Local file and click Browse to find the OVA file you downloaded.
  4. Complete the fields for Name and location, Host / Cluster, Resource Pool, Storage, and Disk Format appropriate for your environment.
  5. For the Network Mapping section, make sure to properly map the Management network (public) and VM Network network (private) to the appropriate network names in your environment.
  6. For the Properties section, make sure to check the box labeled Does the VM need a second interface? if the Cloud Remote appliance needs to be multi-homed on a public network and a private network.
  7. Confirm your settings and click Finish to launch the VM.
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