Precedence of Proxy Settings

In CloudCenter Suite, you can specify HTTP and HTTPS proxy settings at the suite level as described in Proxy Settings, and at the region level as described in Cloud Agnostic Cloud Settings. The CloudCenter Suite cluster, Cloud Remote, and worker VMs will each use either the suite-level proxy settings or the region level proxy settings based on the conditions described below.

For Cloud Remote mode, whenever you change the region proxy settings, ensure you again download the region connectivity setting from the Workload Manager UI and reapply to Cloud Remote.

ModeProxy Settings Used By
Mode (Is Cloud Remote used to communicate
with cloud (or APIC) endpoint?)
CloudCenter Suite cluster

to communicate with
cloud (or APIC) endpoint

Cloud Remote to communicate with
cloud endpoint
Worker VM to communicate with bundle store and package store
Cloud Remote ModeNARegion-levelRegion-level
Non-Cloud Remote ModeSuite-levelNARegion-level

Not all clouds support all the proxy settings, and not all clouds support both Cloud Remote and non-Cloud Remote modes. Cloud Remote mode is not applicable to public clouds. The following table summarizes what is supported for each cloud family.

Cloud FamilyCloud Remote ModeNon-Cloud Remote Mode
AzureRMNAAll except HTTP/S Username / Password, No Proxy hosts.
GoogleNAAll except HTTP/S Username / Password, No Proxy Hosts.
vCenter w/ ACI extensionAll for communication with APIC endpointAll for communication with APIC endpoint
OpenStackAllAll except No Proxy Hosts.
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