Region Configuration Overview

To configure a region, from the Clouds page, select the cloud whose region you need to configure as shown in the figure below. If the cloud is a single-region cloud (vCenter and Kubernetes), click the Configure Cloud link for that cloud on the left half of the screen.

Clicking the Configure Cloud link cause the Details tab for this cloud to be displayed. The details tab for a vCenter cloud is shown below.

If the cloud is a multi-region cloud (OpenStack and all public VM-based clouds), select the cloud on the left side of the Clouds page. This causes the list of regions for the cloud to be displayed on the right half of the screen as shown in the figure below. Click the name of the region on the right side of the page that corresponds to the region you want to configure. 

Clicking the name of the region causes the Regions tab for this cloud to be displayed with the tab for the region name you selected to be highlighted.  As an example, the Regions tab for an AWS cloud is shown in the figure below.

The Details tab for a vCenter cloud and the Regions tab for a multi-region VM-based cloud are functionally similar. Both have these seven sections: 

The Details tab for a Kubernetes cloud, however, has only three sections:

Note: Only some of the fields in the regions tab field require user input. Many fields are optional and some fields are pre-populated and are shown for informational purposes.

Note: All of the sections in the regions tab are used by Workload Manager. The Strategy, External Lifecycle Actions, and image Mapping sections only apply to Workload Manager and are not applicable to Cost Optimizer.

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