After saving the Region Configuration settings, the next step is downloading the connectivity configuration file and copying its encryption key. Click the Download Configuration link in the upper right of the Region Connectivity section, as shown in the figure below.

Clicking Download Configuration causes two things to happen:

  • A file named will be downloaded by your browser. Make note of the location of this zip file as you will need to upload it to Cloud Remote through the Cloud Remote web UI (see below).
  • The Region Connectivity section header briefly displays the encryption key for the zip file, as shown in figure below. The key is the text after ":- ". You must copy this key within one minute of it being displayed as you will need to enter this key in the Cloud Remote web UI (see below). The key is only displayed for one minute. If you miss the chance to copy it, you must download a new copy of the zip file and copy the new key.

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