Add a Region

After creating a cloud that can support multiple regions, the next step is to create the first region for the cloud. Immediately after clicking done from the Add a Cloud dialog box, you are brought to the Clouds page with the cloud you just created at the bottom of the list as shown in the figure below.

With the cloud you just created selected on the left hand of the screen, the right hand of the screen displays an Add Region button. Click this button to add a region. This brings you to the Add Region dialog box. In the case of AWS and other public cloud providers, the dialog box will display radio buttons for each region as shown in the figure below. Select a region and click Save.

Each AWS and Azure cloud account may not have access to allregions. To access different regions you may need to use different accounts. In CloudCenter Suite 5.x, this delineation is not enforced - when you add regions and cloud accounts to a cloud group, make sure to only add the regions that are accessible by all the cloud accounts you add to the cloud group. For example, AWS has separate accounts for China, Government, and other regions. The following links provide additional details on the regions supported by AWS and Azure - for each of these cloud groups, be sure to create separate cloud accounts.


If the cloud you just created is a OpenStack cloud, the Add Region dialog box allows you to enter a Region Name and Display Name as shown in the figure below and click Save.

In either scenario, after click Save you are brought back to the Clouds page. The region (or regions) you added will be listed on the right side of the page as shown in the figure below.

Next step: Click the name of the region on the right side of the page and follow the instructions in Configure a Region.

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