Cloud Accounts Tab

After you add cloud accounts to a cloud, they will appear in the Accounts tab for the cloud as shown in the figure below.

The Accounts tab contains columns for data entered when creating an account: Account Name, Description, Enabled For; and two additional columns: Billing Units and Actions. Billing Units is a dual function:

  • If the cloud account contains only one billing unit, the ID for that billing unit is displayed.

  • If the cloud account contains multiple billing units, such as an AWS master account, the number of billing units in that account is displayed followed by the text Billing Units

A billing unit is the most granular level of cloud cost recording in CloudCenter Suite. The definition of a billing unit varies by a cloud provider as shown in the table below.

Cloud ProviderBilling Unit
AWSAccount ID
AzureRMSubscription ID
GoogleProject ID
IBM CloudAccount ID
vCenterCloud Group Prefix - Datacenter Name
vCDOrganization Name
OpenStackProject ID
KubernetesNamespace UID

The last column, Actions, contains links to let you edit or deleted the cloud account, or manage instance types for the cloud account.

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