External Lifecycle Actions Settings

Whenever you use Workload Manager to deploy a VM-based application, Workload Manager can execute external actions on VMs in the deployment as the VMs progress through these five phases of their lifecycle:

  • Pre VM start
  • Pre VM initialization
  • Post VM initialization
  • Pre VM Stop
  • Post VM Stop

These lifecycle actions will execute in a script execution engine running in a container in the CloudCenter Suite cluster if no Cloud Remote appliance is configured for the region. If you have configured Cloud Remote for this region, the external lifecycle actions will execute in a script execution engine running in a container in the Cloud Remote appliance.

External Lifecycle Action scripts can be defined at the service level, the application level, and the cloud region level. Use the External Lifecycle Actions section of the Region tab or Details tab (see figure below) to specify external lifecycle actions at the region level.

Click on the Edit External Lifecycle Actions link in the upper right. This displays the Edit External Lifecycle Actions dialog box as shown below.

One way to specify an external lifecycle action is to use the first field, External Actions Bundle, to specify a zip file that contains all scripts for external lifecycle management. This zip file needs to contain a directory which contains all the scripts. Use the dropdown to select a repository location (URL, FTP, S3, etc.). This causes an  additional field to be displayed to the right for entering the path to the zip file as shown in the figure below.

Once you specify an actions bundle, for each of the individual lifecycle stage fields, select "Script from Bundle" from the dropdown. This displays an additional field to the right where you must specify the name of the script file in the bundle as shown in the figure below.

The scripts you specify can be bash scripts or Python scripts called from within a bash script. For more information on lifecycle scripts see Deployment Lifecycle Scripts.

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