Shared Supported Public Clouds

Cisco supports the following public clouds and managed private clouds for the Workload Manager and Cost Optimizer modules.

The following table identifies the cloud regions that are currently available out-of-the-box Workload Manager and Cost Optimizer modules.

Cloud Family

Available  Regions

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)
Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
AWS GovCloud (US-East)

AWS GovCloud (US-West)

Canada (Central)

CN North (Beijing)

China (Ningxia)

Invoice reports in Cost Optimizer are not supported for China regions.

EU (Frankfurt)
EU (Ireland)
EU (London)
EU (Paris)
EU (Stockholm)
South America (Sao Paulo)
US East (N. Virginia)
US East (Ohio)
US West (N. California)

US West (Oregon)

Google Cloud Platform

Central US (Iowa)

Eastern Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong)
Eastern Asia-Pacific (Taiwan)
Eastern US (Northern Virginia)
Eastern US (South Carolina)
European West (Frankfurt)
European West (London)
European West (Netherlands)
Northeastern Asia-Pacific (Japan)
Northern America (Canada)
Northern Europe (Finland)
South Eastern Asia-Pacific (Singapore)
South Eastern Australia (Sydney)
Southern America (Sao Paulo)
Southern Asia-Pacific (Mumbai)
Western Europe (Belgium)
Western US (California)
Western US (Oregon)

Amsterdam 01 (ams01)

Amsterdam 03 (ams03)
Chennai 01 (che01)
Dallas 05 (dal05)
Dallas 06 (dal06)
Dallas 09 (dal09)
Dallas 10 (dal10)
Dallas 12 (dal12)
Dallas 13 (dal13)
Frankfurt 02 (fra02)
Frankfurt 02 (fra02)
Frankfurt 05 (fra05)
Hong Kong 02 (hkg02)
Houston 02 (hou02)
London 02 (lon02)
London 04 (lon04)
London 05 (lon05)
London 06 (lon06)
Melbourne 01 (mel01)
Milan 01 (mil01)
Montreal 01 (mon01)
Oslo 01 (osl01)
Paris 01 (par01)
Queretaro 01 (mex01)
San Jose 01 (sjc01)
San Jose 04 (sjc04)
San Jose 04 (sjc04)

Sao Paulo 01 (sao01)

Seattle 01 (sea01)
Seattle 01 (sea01)
Seoul 01 (seo01)
Singapore 01 (sng01)
Sydney 01 (syd01)
Sydney 04 (syd04)
Sydney 05 (syd05)
Tokyo 02 (tok02)
Tokyo 04 (tok04)
Tokyo 05 (tok05)
Toronto 01 (tor01)
Washington, DC 01 (wdc01)
Washington, DC 04 (wdc04)
Washington, DC 06 (wdc06)
Washington, DC 07 (wdc07)
Microsoft Azure

Australia Central (Canberra)

Australia Central 2 (Canberra)
Australia East (New South Wales)
Australia Southeast (Victoria)
Brazil South (sao Paulo State)
Canada Central (Toronto)
Canada East
Central India (Pune)
China East (Shanghai)
China North (Beijing)
East Asia (Hong Kong)
Europe North (Ireland)
Europe West (Netherlands)
France Central (Paris)
France South (Marseille)
Germany Central (Frankfurt)
Germany North
Germany Northeast (Magdeburg)
Germany West Central
Japan East (Saitama)
Japan West (Osaka)
Korea South (Busan)
South Africa North (Johannesburg)
South Africa West (Cape Town)
South India (Chennai)
Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Switzerland North (Zurich)
Switzerland West (Geneva)
UAE Central (Abu Dhabi)
UAE North (Dubai)
UK South (London)
UK West (Cardiff)
US Central (Iowa)
US East (Virginia)
US East 2 (Virginia)
US Gov Arizona
US Gov Texas
US Gov Virginia
US North Central (Illinois)
US South Central (Texas)
US West (California)
US West 2(West US 2)
US West Central (West Central US)
West India (Mumbai)
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