Cluster Status


You can view the status of a Kubernetes cluster by clicking the cloud icon located in the header of the Suite Admin Dashboard. The Cluster status popup displays. Click View Details to view detailed information about each node in the cluster.

Kubernetes Cluster Management is already incorporated in the CloudCenter Suite SaaS offer, see SaaS Information for additional details.


For private clouds, the HA cluster requires a minimum of 2 out of 3 master nodes to be running at any point, for the cluster to function as designed.

The Cloud Icon Details

Click the cloud icon to view and verify the number of nodes in the Kubernetes cluster. The View Details page displays detailed information about each node in the cluster. This information is retrieved from the Kubernetes cluster after you install the CloudCenter Suite. The following screenshot displays details within this page. 

Kubernetes Cluster Actions

The cluster-level actions allow you to download the following files.

  • The SSH key file is used to connect to the cluster.
  • The KubeConfig file is used to view cluster information.

Modify Cluster Size

Based on your environment requirements, you can modify the Kubernetes cluster size from the Suite Admin. See Manage Clusters for additional details.

Virtual Machines

This tab displays the VMs that make up the Kubernetes cluster accessed from this instance of CloudCenter Suite.

The colored status indicators identify the state of each VM in your Kubernetes cluster as described in the following table. 

Cluster Status ColorIndication
GreenThe node is functioning.
Red The node is not functioning.

The color merely indicates the health of your Kubernetes cluster so you can make the required changes to your Kubernetes setup as required by your environment.

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