Manage Clusters


If a cluster was created by the suite administrator as described in Initial Administrator Setup, then this suite administrator can manage those clusters. Managing a cluster includes the following tasks.

  • Scale this cluster.

  • Monitor the cluster by viewing alerts.

Suite administrators can only manage clusters that they installed.

The suite administrator's ability to view a cluster is indicated by the green circle on the cloud icon. Clicking this icon provides additional information as displayed in the following screenshot.

Kubernetes Cluster Management is already incorporated in the CloudCenter Suite SaaS offer, see SaaS Information for additional details.

Scale Up

The CloudCenter Suite does not support auto-scaling for public clouds. You must ensure that this feature is disabled before you use the scale any node in your cluster.

If you setup the CloudCenter Suite using static IPs, verify that the static IP range has free IPs available to support scale up operations. If IPs are not available in the static IP range (defined during installation) then the scale up process will not take place.

To increase the number of nodes in your cluster, perform this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Tenants page.

  2. Click the cloud Icon to access the Cluster Status > View Details page.

  3. In the Kubernetes Cluster page, click the wheel icon to display the Modify Cluster Size popup as displayed in the following screenshot.

  4. Increase the number as required in the Current number of worker nodes: field. You will see the status bar list a Scaling operation successful alert. It take a few minutes to increase the node count. 

    • Initially, the node will be in the red state while it is still initializing. Once it has initialized, it will turn green.

    • The Runtime displays the length of time that this node has been running:

      • h = Upto 24 hours 

      • d = Any number of days 

    • The Status can only be up (red) or down (green).

    • The memory and CPU details are displayed as available in the Kubernetes cluster.

    • When complete, you see a subsequent alert notifying you of the Cluster node being added.

You have now increased the number of nodes in your cluster.

Scale Down

While you can scale up the number of nodes in the Kubernetes cluster from the Suite Admin, you cannot scale down using this process.

Reconfigure Cloud Credentials

The Cloud Accounts tab, provides a way to change your cloud credentials for the cloud where the CloudCenter Suite is installed

You can change your cloud account password based on your cloud credentials for each supported cloud as listed in New Cluster Installation

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