Proxy Settings


The Suite Admin uses proxy settings for licensing and module configuration purposes. Proxy settings are disabled by default. If not provided, then no proxy configuration is set! 


Adhere to these guidelines if you decide to use a proxy server to connect to the internet:

  • Only the suite administrator can configure the proxy protocol and provide the user authentication details.

  • Set up the proxy server before starting the module installation processes.

Suite Administrator Proxy Configuration

To configure the internal proxy settings, follow this procedure after you have set up your proxy server and retrieve the DNS details and port number required by the proxy server.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Admin.

  2. Click Proxy in the left pane to configure the enable proxy settings (disabled by default) as displayed in the following screenshot.

  3. Switch on the required protocol to enable (disabled by default) your proxy setting: HTTPS or HTTP.

  4. Provide the DNS name or IP address for the HTTP Proxy Host along with the Port number.

  5. Optional. Identify if the proxy server requires the admin to be authenticated each time. If yes, provide the User Name and Password to access the Proxy server.

  6. Optional. To bypass the proxy settings, provide a comma separate string of values in the ByPass Proxy Settings field as displayed in the following  code example:

    Depending on the environment where you have installed the CloudCenter Suite, you many need to include the required environments that you wish to bypass in order to access service endpoints. For example, if you are operating in a Cisco environment, include *.cisco to the following list. This is only an example and what you add is dependent on your environment.

    # Or, to bypass specific environments. The following is another example - what you add is dependent on your environment.
  7. Click Save to save the proxy settings.

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