Suite Admin Workflow

The following table identifies the tasks to be performed on the Suite Admin once you install the CloudCenter Suite. 


Create the suite administrator and root tenant

See Initial Administrator Setup
Navigate to the Suite Admin DashboardSee Suite Admin Dashboard
2YesModule installation

Install module(s) of choice based on the list available in the Dashboard.

This is optional, however, you cannot configure resources other than users/tenants/groups/roles/admin menu settings if you don't install modules!

See Install Module
3YesUser managementCreate usersSee Create and Manage Users
4YesGroup Management

Assign users to default groups.

When the suite administrator installs any module, additional, default out-of-box groups become available. These groups vary based on the module.

See Create and Assign Groups

Create a custom group

If the out-of-box groups don't meet your requirements, you can create custom groups.

See Custom Groups by Admin

Assign roles to a group

For each custom group, you must assign at least one role.

See Understand Roles
5YesAdmin ManagementSet up the base URL See Base URL Configuration
YesSet up email communicationSee Email Settings
Configure a dedicated alias hostname and use an external IdP to authenticate its users.See SSO Setup
OptionalSet up the proxy serverSee Proxy Settings
6YesProduct RegistrationConfigure a licenseSee Configure Smart Licenses
7OptionalCluster ManagementModify the size of the clusterSee Manage Clusters
8OptionalTroubleshootingDownload logs for troubleshooting purposesSee Monitor Modules
9OptionalTenant/Sub-tenant ManagementManage your own tenant or create additional sub-tenantsSee Manage Tenants
Add users as additional tenant administrators to a groupSee Create and Assign Groups

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