Custom Groups by Admin


If the pre-defined roles and groups listed in OOB Suite Admin Groups are not sufficient for your environment, suite administrators have the flexibility to create custom groups and manage user membership for different modules. 

A suite administrator cannot be added to any custom group!

Create a Custom Group

To create a custom group, follow this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Groups page.

  2. Click New Group.

  3. Provide a Group Name and Description.

  4. Select the roles to be assigned to this group from the Assign Roles dropdown.

    Each CloudCenter Suite module has default roles provided OOB by the CloudCenter Suite. Additionally, Action Orchestrator is the only module that allows administrators to create custom roles. See Understand Roles for details.

    Custom Roles are only available for Custom groups and you can only view the Manage Roles action for a group's dropdown list this case. See Create and Assign Groups for details.

    To create a custom role, see Action Orchestrator Roles in the Cost Optimizer documentation section. Once created in the Action Orchestrator, the suite administrator can select a custom role and assign it to a custom group at any time.

  5. Select the users to be added to this group from the Associate Users dropdown. The selected users are listed in the summary just below this field.

  6. Click Done to save the new group. The status in the Groups list page displays the status of the custom group addition.

  7. Click the Module for which you created this custom group. The following screenshot highlights the module for which a new custom group was added. As a Suite Admin user, you will also see the actions displayed in the following screenshot for this custom group.

    The suite administrator can manage both the users and the roles associated with the new group as well as delete the group at will.

Deleting Custom Groups

A tenant administrator can manage custom groups for their tenant. If deleted, the users in the deleted custom group will no longer have access to any roles associated with that group. Users will not receive any warning messages or alerts about the deletion of this custom group. Once deleted, all users revert to their default permissions and groups.

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