Offline Repository Configuration


A repository connection enables access from one of the CloudCenter Suite VMs to a local Cisco Products Repository. This default repository is only accessible if you have internet access. See Offline Repository for details.

If your CloudCenter Suite instance does not have internet access, you will not be able to view any dashboard in the CloudCenter Suite even after you log in.

Connectivity Icon

The suite administrator's ability to view a configured repo is indicated by the green circle on the folder icon

  • If the CloudCenter Suite is able to connect to the Cisco Products Repository, then you'll see a green circle displayed in the Suite Admin Dashboard header. 

  • If not, then you must first setup the offline repository, and then configure the Suite Admin to connect to the offline repository (displayed in the following screenshot).

Clicking this icon (displayed in the screenshot above) allows you to enable a local repository connection if you are operating in an environment with no internet access. 

The color of the circle on the folder icon identifies the status of the repository (even if it is the default Cisco repository) connected to the CloudCenter Suite as identified in the following table.

Folder Icon ColorDescription
GreenThe offline repository connection is successful.
RedThe offline repository connection failed.

The offline repository connection in disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled to configure the DNS or IP address of the local repository. 


To configure the connection to a local network repository, follow this procedure.

  1. Click the folder icon to re-configure the proxy settings.
    Optional. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Admin and click Offline Repository.

  2. Toggle the switch (disabled by default) to enable access to the CloudCenter Suite via a local repository (displayed in the following screenshot).

  3. Provide the DNS of the offline repository server in the URL field.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

  5. Go to the Module Dashboard icon to view the repo listing the offline repository similar to the display in the following screenshot:

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