Base URL


The Base URL provides a DNS entry, instead of an IP address, to access the CloudCenter Suite.

Functions like Email Settings and SSO Setup require the Base URL to be configured.


If you do not configure the Base URL for a particular tenant, then the Suite Admin uses the parent-level configuration details to set the host/port link.

If a tenant does not have a Base URL configured, the URL is inherited from the immediate parent where the Base URL is configured.

Prior to CloudCenter Suite 5.1.2, admins did not have the option to configure a specific parent/ancestor's Base URL for a tenant.

Effective CloudCenter Suite 5.1.2, tenants admins can configure the Base URL of any of their ancestor tenants. The only caveat is that the admin cannot set the Base URL of child tenant for a parent tenant.


To configure the Base URL, follow this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Admin.

  2. Click Base URL in the left tree pane.

  3. In the Base URL settings page, enter the DNS/IP Address and Port number that should be displayed in the Base URL.

  4. Copy and paste the Private Key and/or Certificate details for the DNS provided in the previous step.

  5. Click Save to save your changes and enable a direct connection to the IDP server.

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