Currency Conversion


The CloudCenter Suite provides support for the following currencies to analyze cost reports, billing units, or savings functions used in the Workload Manager and Cost Optimizer modules:

  • AED = United Arab Emirates Dirham

  • AUD = Australian Dollar

  • BRL = Brazilian Real

  • CAD = Canadian Dollar

  • CHF = Swiss Franc

  • CNY = Chinese Yuan Renminbi

  • EUR = European Euro

  • GBP = British Pound

  • HKD = Hong Kong Dollar

  • IDR = Indonesian Rupiah

  • INR = Indian Rupee

  • JPY = Japanese Yen

  • KWD = Kuwaiti Dinar

  • MXN = Mexican Peso

  • RUB = Russian Ruble

  • SEK = Swedish Krona

  • SGD = Singapore Dollar

  • SAR = Saudi Riyal

  • TRY = Turkish Lira

  • USD = US Dollar (default)

All User input fields accept and display values in USD.


Once you select the currency option of choice, you must also enter the conversion factor for this currency.

Changing from the default USD currency to any other currency in this list may impact billing for environments as currency information is used by and not limited to the multiple features in the CloudCenter Suite.


To configure the conversion rate to the selected currency, follow this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Admin.

  2. Click Currency in the left tree pane to view the Currency page.

  3. Select the currency from the dropdown list.

  4. Assign the conversion rate for this currency for 1 USD.

  5. Click Save to register your changes.

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