Suite Admin 5.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: July 13, 2020


  • September 23, 2020: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.

  • September 24, 2020: Updated the Installation section to include the sub-folder configuration and allowed URL changes.


CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 is available as installers for ALL components for all supported clouds. Contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for additional details.

VMware Sub-folder Behavior

While the following behavior applies to VMware environments using CloudCenter Suite 5.2.1 and earlier versions:

  • You MUST select an installation folder, however do NOT select a sub-folder. 

  • Select the same Datacenter Cluster or Host as the Suite Installer.

  • The Suite Installer does NOT support Datastore Clusters.

Effective %5.2.2, CloudCenter Suite supports the following changes for VMware environments:

  • VMware environments can configure Clusters, DataStores, and/or Networks under a sub-folder. For example, sub-folder/Cluster , sub-folder/Datastore , sub-folder/Network

  • You can install a CloudCenter Suite cluster under any sub-folder

  • See VMware vSphere Installation for additional details.

This is a change!

Allowed URLs

In CloudCenter Suite 5.1 and earlier, if your environment has strict URL rules that redirects (for example, using a shorter URL that redirects to the configured URL, you may not be able to complete the installation as these kind of redirects may not be allowed if you have installed the repository in an offline cluster. As the offline solution is not completely air gapped in CloudCenter Suite 5.0 and 5.1, you must added these URLs to your allowed lists behind the firewall so you can access these sites.

While CloudCenter Suite 5.2 offers a completely air gapped environmentyour CCS cluster will require access to the URLs in the above table if your internet access is via a proxy environment. However, as the offline solution is a completely air gapped environment and you do not need to adds URLs to your acceptable list of URLs when using the Air Gap Installation approach. This is a change!

See VMware vSphere Installation for additional details.

Backup and Restore

CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 supports installation of the CloudCenter Suite in environments that do not have an internet connection (equivalent of an isolated network). While Air Gap Installation refers to the feature, Offline Repository refers to the delivery mechanism for the Air Gap Installation feature.

Effective CloudCenter Suite 5.2, the CloudCenter Suite installer exchanges certificates and host information with the offline repository as soon as the installer in launched, it connects to the offline repository VM (equivalent of an isolated network). After the cluster is launched, you can update the offline appliance at any point and then install modules through the CloudCenter Suite cluster

See Air Gap Installation for additional details.

Kubernetes Cluster Upgrade

No updates

Updating Modules

While you can update just the modules without upgrading the Kubernetes cluster, you will continue to see the new CloudCenter Suite 5.2 features for each module. See Update Module for additional details.

  • Before updating any module, verify that you have twice the required CPU/Memory in your cluster. A module-update scenario requires additional resources for the old pod to continue running until the new pod initializes and takes over. This additional resource requirement is temporary and only required while a module update is in progress. After the module is updated, the additional resources are no longer needed.

  • You must update the Suite Admin module before you update any other CloudCenter Suite module. 

  • Update only one module at at time. If you simultaneously update more than one module, your update process may fail due to limited resource availability. See Prepare Infrastructure for additional context.

  • You may see one or more error messages during the update process. Be aware that these messages will not affect the update itself.

See SaaS Access for FAQs on updating SaaS environments.


No updates


The following cloud details were changed for each cloud:


No updates

Module Management

No updates

Smart Software Licensing

No updates

Suite Admin Dashboard

No updates

User Tenant Management

No updates

Cluster Management

No updates

Security Management

No updates

Suite UI

No updates.


No updates


This section summarizes the new and updated API calls and parameters.

New API Calls

The following new APIs were introduced in CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0:  

  • Verify the SMTP Connection

    • GET /api/v1/smtpConfig/current

    • Verifies if the current SMTP config is effective, and also performs an optional connection check.

    • See Email Service API Calls 5.2.0 for additional details.

  • Verify the Validity of the Tenant Login ID

    • PUT /api/v1/tenants/validity/tenantLoginId

    • Checks the validity of a new tenantLoginId

    • See IDM Service API Calls 5.2.0 for additional details.

Updated API Calls

The following API calls were updated in CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0: 

  • New smtpConfigured Parameter:

    • POST /api/v1/smtpConfig/testConnection  

    • When testing the SMTP connection, a new smtpConfigured parameter is displayed if SMTP is configured.

    • See Email Service API Calls 5.2.0 for additional details.

  • The tenantName parameter is modified to be a unique, alphanumeric Tenant ID:

    • View the tenant hierarchy – GET /api/v1/admin/tenant_hierarchy

    • Get current user information – GET /api/v1/currentUser/userInfo 

    • Create a tenant – POST /api/v1/tenants 

    • Create a tenant with a tenantAdmin user – POST /api/v1/tenantWithAdmin 

    • Return the requested tenant  – GET /api/v1/tenants/{tenantId} 

    • Update a tenant – PUT /api/v1/tenants/{tenantId}

    • Get information for an user – GET` /api/v1/users/{userId}/userInfo

    • See IDM Service API Calls 5.2.0 for additional details.


The following documentation changes were implemented in CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0:

Known Issues

CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 has the following known issue:

  • When deploying CloudCenter Suite, the installer and the target cluster must reside in the main datacenter folder, and not in any sub-folder within the main folder as the installation will not complete. This issue does not have a workaround and you will need to restart the installation if you encounter this issue.

Resolved Issues

CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 has the following resolved issue:

  • CSCvs33223: When CloudCenter Suite is installed using Static IP allocation, 2 services are not coming up in Workload Manager.
    Resolution: When CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 is installed using Static IP allocation, the two services are coming up fine, you do not need an additional workaround in either Workload Manager or Cost Optimizer when you add a Workload Manager cloud and cloud account.

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