Suite Admin 5.2.2 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: September 4, 2020


  • September 25, 2020: Added a note to the Updating Modules section.

  • October 2, 2020: Updated the Documentation section to include the list of changed pages.


CloudCenter Suite 5.2.2 is available as installers for ALL components for all supported clouds. Contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for additional details.

Backup and Restore

You may see the following cert-manager error on the destination cluster during the Suite Admin restore process. However, you can ignore this error as the module data operations function as designed on the restored cluster.  

Velero:     <none>

Cluster:  error restoring "" is invalid: metadata.annotations[]: Required value: protected groups must have approval annotation "", see
error restoring "" is invalid: metadata.annotations[]: Required value: protected groups must have approval annotation "", see

Kubernetes Cluster Upgrade

No updates

Updating Modules

If you have already updated the module to Suite Admin 5.2.2, contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for assistance with applying a required configuration change.

While you can update just the modules without upgrading the Kubernetes cluster, you will continue to see the new CloudCenter Suite 5.2 features for each module. See Update Module for additional details.

  • Before updating any module, verify that you have twice the required CPU/Memory in your cluster. A module-update scenario requires additional resources for the old pod to continue running until the new pod initializes and takes over. This additional resource requirement is temporary and only required while a module update is in progress. After the module is updated, the additional resources are no longer needed.

  • You must update the Suite Admin module before you update any other CloudCenter Suite module. 

  • Update only one module at at time. If you simultaneously update more than one module, your update process may fail due to limited resource availability. See Prepare Infrastructure for additional context.

  • You may see one or more error messages during the update process. Be aware that these messages will not affect the update itself.

See SaaS Access for FAQs on updating SaaS environments.

Limited Trial Program

The 30-day trial is a limited program that ends on September 30, 2020. Contact a Cisco sales representative for additional details.  


Cisco supports the corresponding Kubernetes engine (or managed services) for the following public clouds for the CloudCenter Suite:

Cisco supports the following private clouds for the CloudCenter Suite: 

See the Installer Overview for additional details.

CloudCenter Suite UI

Effective CloudCenter 5.2.2, two additional, optional fields are available to provide the From email address and and the From alias details to enable SMTP authentication in the Email Setup page. See Email Settings for additional details. 

Security Hardening

As part of our Security Hardening process, the Suite Admin software now uses the versions listed in the Open Source Matrix (see for the following applications: Alpine, Curator, Elasticsearch, Grafana, and FluentD.


The following documentation changes were implemented in CloudCenter Suite 5.2.2:

Resolved Issues

This release includes fixes for internally found issues that do not change the product behavior in any way.

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