Getting Started with CloudCenter Suite SaaS

Welcome! Once you have been granted access to your CloudCenter Suite SaaS account, there are several steps required to setup and operationalize the platform. The following documentation outlines each of those requirements, including references from CloudCenter Suite Documentation and end-to-end examples.

The goal is to grow this content with user demand.  If you feel there is something missing, please email CPSG-Galaxy-Training with your suggestions!

The general recommendation is to complete the following sections in the order they appear.  Each section and module assumes the preceding steps have been completed successfully.  However, it is entirely possible for users to complete these objectives as required or necessary. Users deploying CloudCenter Suite themselves are welcomed to reference these instructions for their own installations. 

Section 1: Workload Manager Setup

In this section, each module focuses on a different aspect of getting Workload Manager ready for application deployments. From adding your cloud account to configuring your deployment environments, each module is a necessary step to operationalizing CloudCenter Suite. It is recommended that every CloudCenter Suite SaaS trial account complete the following modules before attempting to use the product.

Module 1: Cloud Accounts and Cloud Regions

Module 2: Usage Plans and Bundles

Module 3: Policies

Module 4: Environments

Module 5: Deploying Application Workloads

Section 2: Optional Content

In this section, each module focuses on a different aspect of managing your CloudCenter Suite SaaS environment. These modules are not required, but they are necessary for setting up and operationalizing your CloudCenter Suite SaaS tenant.

Module 6: User and Tenant Management

Module 7: Importing Content

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