Image Administration


Image refers to a computer file containing the complete contents required to perform a Workload Manager installation and also to onboard Workload Manager Application Profiles using customer-provided custom images (see Application Using a Custom Image).

Application VM Base OS Images

Each Workload Manager installation requires at least one image. This image can be a supported OOB Base OS Images or your own private image.

Be aware that some cloud vendors provide their own images while other cloud vendors require that you explicitly launch each image on their cloud.

Logical versus Physical Image

Workload Manager provides a logical image library for building services. A logical image in the image library can point to physical images on different clouds. Workload Manager selects the correct actual image based on the cloud for each deployment.

The logical images can be:

Each logical image has a corresponding physical mapping (see Map Images) on each cloud.

The Image Library

An image library refers to a collection of images listed in the Admin > Images page. The following screenshot shows the Images page.

Add Images

To import private images using the Workload Manager UI, follow this procedure:

  1. Access the Workload Manager UI and click Admin > Images.

  2. Click Add Image to add a new image.

  3. Enter the details of the image in the Add a New Image popup to create a logical entry in Workload Manager for your private image.

  4. Select the OS type for the image.

  5. Check Enabled to use this image to onboard applications.

  6. Click Save. The newly added image is now displayed in the Images page.

  7. To map the logical entry you just created to the actual image, click Add Mapping. See Map Images for additional details.

    The Image ID must match the cloud region where the image is located.

Share Images

All OOB images are automatically shared with all users of all subtenants. To share an user created image using the Workload Manager UI, follow this procedure:

  1. Access the Workload Manager UI and click Admin > Images.

  2. Locate the image to be shared in the Images page.

  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to Manage Cloud Mapping for this image.

  4. Select Share to share this image.

  5. In the Share popup, select the Users, Groups, and/or Tenants to share this image. See Permission Control for additional context.

Map Images

You can add images using one of two methods. 

Customer's Private Images

Workload Manager customers can onboard or migrate the Application Profile for their own custom images by importing private images to onboard Workload Manager deployment(s) using the Workload Manager UI.

These internal images continue to remain internal to just this customer's deployment(s).

Custom images are not listed for a tenant if custom or out-of-box application/service is not shared with that tenant.

Image Launch Permission (OpenStack only)

For OpenStack accounts it is possible to temporarily grant image launch permission to an account that normally does not have launch permission. See Image Launch Permissions for details.

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