Manage Applications


The Workload Manager monitors and meters deployed applications along with the Cost Optimizer and allows you to manage applications as listed in this section.

Manage Policies

Monitor and enforce the policies that you created for this environment. For example, you may have associated your deployment with an auto-scaling policy. The Workload Manager monitors monitors the deployed application and orchestrates scaling as specified by your policy. 

See Policy Management for additional context.

Permission Control

Assign role-based permissions based on each role and control activities that can be performed using Workload Manager resources.

See Permission Control for additional context.

Lifecycle Management

Orchestrate lifecycle management functions such as Start, Stop, Remove, and Upgrade.

See Application Lifecycle Management for additional context.

Application Tasks

Execute the following tasks:

  • Clones an application

  • Launches an application at a scheduled time.

  • Runs benchmarks for an application.

  • Publish applications to the enterprise marketplace

  • Exports an application to a .zip file and then share this file with peers so they can import the application to their tenants.

  • Share an application with designated users and groups.

See Application Tasks for additional information.

Migrate Applications from One Cloud to Another

You can use Workload Manager to migrate a deployed application from one cloud to another using a downtime-based process.

For live migrations, the application should support High Availability and Disaster Recovery and be provisioned on multiple clouds using Workload Manager. 
Workload Manager uses the following process to migrate an application from one cloud to another:

  1. On the cloud where the application is running, Workload Manager shuts down the deployment and saves a backup to the source cloud storage repository.

  2. After the shutdown and backup are complete, Workload Manager initiates a file-sync of the backup to the storage repository on the target cloud.

  3. When the backup is complete, Workload Manager provision the application in restore mode on the target cloud.

  4. Workload Manager deploys the specified Application Profile and restores the application backup during the deployment.

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