OOB Groups, Roles, and Permissions

Workload Manager comes with several OOB groups, each group contains one or more roles, and each role has its own set of permissions.

OOB Groups and their Roles:

Workload Manager users may be assigned to one or more groups. Each group, in turn, may contain one or more roles, where each role gives the user certain permissions. The following table summarizes the OOB groups for Workload Manager and their associated roles.

OOB GroupAssociated Roles
Deployment Environment ManagersWM_ENVIRONMENT_MANAGER
Dev Ops UsersWM_DEV_OPS

OOB Roles and their Permissions:

The following table summarizes the OOB roles for Workload Manager and their associated permissions sorted by increasing levels of permissions.

RoleAssociated Permissions
(No role)Even when a user does not belong to a group, or belongs to a group without any roles, that user has the following limited permissions: deploy applications, benchmark applications, view their deployments, view their VMs
WM_ENVIRONMENT_MANAGERCreate and manage deployment environments and policies
WM_APPLICATION_ARCHITECTCreate and manage application profiles
WM_PROJECT_MANAGERCreate and manage projects
WM_DEV_OPSCreate and manage custom on-demand and lifecycle actions
WM_ADMINAll of the above permissions plus: create and manage clouds and cloud accounts

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