Options to Install the Worker


Depending on your cloud environment and application requirements there are three options to install the worker installed on the VMs you want to launch through Workload Manager:

  • Using Dynamic Bootstrapping

  • Using the CentOS 6 Pre-bootstrapped Image

  • Using the Worker Installer Executable

Using Dynamic Bootstrapping

The worker can be dynamically installed on VMs launched in most clouds that support an init-string passed as user data. For a matrix of which cloud providers and logical base images are supported see Dynamic Bootstrapping. This is the simplest approach to get the worker and agent installed on you deployed VMs and is recommended unless you have special requirements.

Using the CentOS 6 Pre-bootstrapped Image

  • CloudCenter Suite includes a pre-bootstrapped CentOS 6 image for the clouds listed in Conditional Component Appliance Images.

  • After you obtain the image (received a shared version or import the image to your cloud), you must make sure the Workload Manager CentOS 6 OOB logical image is properly mapped to the physical image via its Image ID.

  • If your application services can run on CentOS 6, this may be a convenient option.

Due to licensing restriction, a pre-bootstrapped virtual appliance is not available for custom Windows images. You are required to use the instructions in Install Worker on a Windows Image.

Using the Worker Installer Executable

The most flexible option for installing the worker is to run the worker installer appropriate for your OS:

See Management Agent for additional details.

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