Adjusting Action Message Purge Frequency


By default, Workload Manager will retain the last 90 days worth of action messages related to actions executed again a deployment or a VM. You can override this default value by adding an action.message.purge.frequency key-value pair to the cloudcenter-manager configmap.


The procedure for adjusting the action message purge frequency is as follows.

  1. Install kubectl on your computer, download the CloudCenter Suite provided Kubeconfig file, then move the kubeconfig file to the directory specified in the $kubeconfig environmental variable. This allows you to connect to the CloudCenter Suite cluster with kubectl from you computer.

  2. From the command prompt of your computer, use kubectl to ensure your CloudCenter Suite instance has a configmap for the cloudcenter-manager pod:

    kubectl get configmaps -n cisco

  3. Once confirmed, use kubectl to launch your default editor to edit the cloudcenter-manager configmap:

    kubectl edit configmaps cloudcenter-manager -n cisco

    Your editor should display the configmap in edit mode to allow you to modify it:

    apiVersion: v1
      external.hosts: "hostA:portA"
    kind: ConfigMap
      creationTimestamp: 2019-08-19T15:31:04Z
        app: cloudcenter-ccm-backend-5.1.0
        chart: cloudcenter-ccm-backend-5.1.0
        heritage: Tiller
        purpose: configuration
        release: workload-manager
      name: cloudcenter-manager
      namespace: cisco
      resourceVersion: "18309514"
      selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/cisco/configmaps/cloudcenter-manager
      uid: 18c30efe-03a3-11e9-bd86-42010a80004a

  4. Using your editor: 
    1. Insert a line after the external.hosts property.
    2. In that new line, create a property called action.message.purge.frequency and set the value to the number of days that action messages should be retained. For example, to set the purge frequency to 30 days, insert this text:

      action.message.purge.frequency: "30"
    3. Save the file and exit your editor.

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